What are the Terms & Conditions?

  • All orders are subject to these terms and conditions unless otherwise specifically agreed to in writing by Twisted Traces. These terms and conditions supersede all others.
  • Some service options or job changes will incur extra fees or add delays to your job. These potential fees and delays are outlined below.

It is a prerequisite that we receive the verified order data received 24 hours before we receive the parts. 

  • Bill of materials (BOM) in Excel or Delimited Format.
  • Silkscreen and solder paste layer Gerbers.
  • ASCII-Formatted CAD data— this file can be generated by Twisted Traces for a $50-$150 fee based on your design. 
  • Centroid or insertion file (pick-and-place or XY data)— can be generated by Twisted Traces without any charges.
  • Assembly timer starts when the last parts are received. Parts received after 12:00 Noon CST are considered received the following day.
  • If you mix kits for more than one job in the same box, the assembly timer will start when everything is received and sorted. It will add an extra day and incur extra charges if we have to split jobs out of the same kit.


  • Your first order must be paid with a credit card.
  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.
  • You may request to have an account created to simplify and speed up your checkout process. Applications should be emailed to  quotes@twistedtraces.com.
    • Applications for account are subject to our approval.


  • Refunds will be issued on a case-to-case basis.
  • If you have any issues with your order, please email us on  quotes@twistedtraces.com.

Change Cut-Off

  • Our "order changes cut-off" takes place 12 Noon CST the day before the arrival of final materials for the job.
  • Once the order change cut-off takes place, we will need to charge an additional fee for changes to the Bill of Materials or to the Gerber files.
    • A BOM change requires that we restart the audit and redo our machine programs. This will incur a $35.00 charge and add a day to your turnaround time.
    • A Gerber file change generally requires that we scrap and repurchase the solder paste stencil. If this happens, we need to add an additional $200 stencil charge and add at least one day to your turn time. Based on when we are given the change and if this requires new PCBs, it may add more than one day to your turnaround time. 

Files and Kit

  • BOMs must be provided in Microsoft Excel or delimited text formats. We can convert BOMs for a $50 fee.
  • RS-274X Gerber files as generated by your CAD program as if you were sending them for PCB fab. At a minimum,we need silkscreen, solder paste (or stencil) layers for assembly.
  • Kits must NOT be mixed with other jobs.
    • If we receive kits for multiple jobs in one box, we may need to charge extra and there delay in completing/processing.
    • You need to include 5% extra parts for all SMT passive components.
    • For higher value active components (including BGAs), we ask for one extra to compensate for any damages.
    • The PCB must have reference designators & polarity signs clearly marked on it.
    • All parts with pin 1 or polarity must show some mark for identification. If a part is not clearly marked with polarity indicators, the customer will have to provide that information. 

Non-Standard Services

  • Any services ordered that are not in our Standard Assembly Process set may require more time than your selected turnaround time. Some may add to the cost as well.
  • Refer to our Capabilities for a list of Standard Assembly Processes.

Part Discrepancies and Shortages

  • Twisted Traces does not inspect received material kits for completeness or accuracy.
  • Based on options you select at the time of order:
    • If we are provided the wrong part (according to your BOM) we will not place the part and notify you in the production report e-mailed after shipment.
    • In the event of a shortage, we will contact you by phone and/or email to postpone the build for up to one hour, to resolve the problem.
    • If we do not receive a response within one hour, we reserve the right to remove your job from the line. A 25% set-up charge will be applied to your order when the job is restarted.
    • If you would like us to stop the SMT build and resume once wrong or short parts have arrived, we will charge an additional 25% of your order price to tear down our machine and re-setup when missing parts arrive.

Twisted Traces Liability

  • Twisted Traces warrants each assembly for workmanship up to 30 days after invoicing.
  • Twisted Traces will repair the assembly or credit the quoted cost of the placement at Twisted Traces option.
  • Any modifications done to the assembly nullifies this warranty.
  • If you send us non-functioning components or PCBs in your kit, we are not liable for repair, rework or replacement of the assembly. We strongly recommend that your boards be electrically tested at the board fab house and have complete solder mask and silk screen.
  • In no event shall Twisted Traces' liability exceed the amount of the order placed.
  • Twisted Traces gives no other warranty, either expressed or implied, and specifically disclaims all other warranties, including warranties for merchantability and fitness.

We Guarantee Delivery
Please note that we guarantee delivery of 50% of your boards within the turn time. We guarantee these 50% if:

  • The Shipping destination is within the USA.
  • All parts match their respective pads on the PCB.
  • The Gerber file and BOM both have reference designators.
  • All necessary data is received and verified 24 hrs prior to the arrival of the parts kit.
  • The complete parts kit is received before 12 Noon CST on day one of the job. If material is received after 12:00 Noon CST the job start date is the following day.
  • Your parts kit is for one job only.
  • All parts, including the PCB, are defect-free.

Other Clarifications

  • Shipment/order pick-up time is 3:30pm CST.
  • Credit card will be charged at the time the order is placed.
  • A $20 handling charge will be billed for all orders shipped to Mexico and Canada.
  • A $50 handling charge will apply to all orders shipped to other destinations outside the USA.