PCB Fabrication

A printed circuit board has been an integral part of electronic devices for a long time. They contribute to the functioning of the product. A defective PCB can be detrimental to the device utilizing it, and it may tarnish your brand reputation, too. Hence, it is always important to work with the right PCB fabricator. Twisted Traces is one of the leading providers of printed circuit board fabrication services in the US. We assure quality and the fastest turnaround times in the market.

PCB Fabrication Capabilities 

The capabilities that we earned over the years are the cornerstone of our printed circuit board fabrication services.

PCB Type Dielectric Material Lead Surface Finish Lead-free Surface Finish

Multi-layer PCBs (1–20 layers)

Single-Sided Rigid Boards

Double-Sided Rigid Boards 


High Tg FR4

Aluminum/Copper Base




Any specialized material as per your choice


HASL + Gold Fingers

 Lead Free HASL

ENG Gold


Immersion Silver

Inner Copper Thickness Outer Copper Thickness Solder Mask Silkscreen Color

0.5 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz

3 oz,4 oz,5 oz

6 oz

1/3 oz, 0.5 oz,1 oz

2 oz ,3 oz,4 oz

5 oz,6 oz










Surface Finishes Routing Legend Inspection Methods

Immersion Silver - RoHS-compliant

ENIG -(Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold) - RoHS compliant

Gold fingers

HASL - Tin-lead solder coating (Hot Air Solder Level)




White Other colors per your request

100% Visual inspection

Sample lot inspection

Electrical testing - Flying probe or Nails Bed

Cross sectioning

Max PCB Size Board Option Standard

11 inch x 17 inch

(280 mm x 432 mm)

 ROHS Compliance

CNC Routing

Dry Film Solder Mask (DFSM)

Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask Inks (LPSM)

 IPC Class 2

IPC Class 3

ISO 9000

Plating Lamination Expert Services

Plated Edges Plated Radii (Castellation)

Conductive Via Fill Non-Conductive Via Fill Plated Milling

Cutouts Hard Gold Body Soft Bondable

Gold Immersion Gold Immersion Silver

HAL Lead Free

(ROHS) HAL Standard

Layer To Layer Registration +/-

Board Thickness

PCB Design and Layout

Prototype PCBs

Quickturn PCBs

Burn in Boards

RoHS compliant PCBs

Standard PCBs

Small and medium PCB runs

Large volume Production runs

In addition to the above-discussed capabilities, we provide the printed circuit boards in the following specifications:

  • Maximum Panel size: 19.7" x 31.5"
  • Maximum Number of Layers: 1-40
  • Minimum Line spacing: 3 mil
  • Minimum Line Width: 3 mil
  • Smallest Hole: 0.006"
  • Controlled impedance

Our Quality Promise

We are an ISO 9001:2015 printed circuit board fabrication service. Our team stringently follows all quality control procedures and this allows us provide the high quality PCBs. Our PCBs are rigorously tested before they leave the premises. They are tested to perform in environments laden with acids, harsh chemicals, flames, vapors, and other difficult environmental conditions. In addition to ISO, our printed circuit board fabrication adheres to the following standards:

  • ITAR
  • J-STD-001 in-house Certified Trainer
  • IPC-WHMA-A-620
  • IPC-CC-830B
  • IPC-A-610-D and ANSI/J-STD-001 standards – Class II and Class III only

Why Buy from Twisted Traces

Since inception, we have served clients across various industries and seek pride in strong relationships that we built with our customers.
  • Custom Circuit Board Fabrication Services: Over the years, Twisted Traces has become one of the most favored custom circuit board fabrication services in the US, because we believe in providing the solutions that meet your requirements exactly.
  • Outstanding Customer Service: Unlike other PCB fabrication services, at Twisted Traces you get to interact directly with our experts. This gives you can opportunity to discover various options to build a performance-driven PCB.
  • Speed: Our facility is equipped with all advanced tools and equipment which allows us to revert to customers at the earliest.
  • Fast Online Quotes: Customers do not have to wait for days to hear from our experts, rather they can use the online PCB fabrication calculator to receive a quick and accurate quote.

Our expertise and vast industry experience helps us fulfill our commitment of 100% customer satisfaction. Our team is always ready to help you with your fabrication requirements and design needs. To know more about our services and products, please feel free to get in touch with our experts on (630) 345-5400. You can also email us at quotes@twistedtraces.com or use our PCB fabrication online calculator to get an estimated cost of your PCB fabrication requirement.