PCB Assembly

Printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) is a term used to depict a complete circuit board that features various electronic components for specific functions. These components are commonly assembled or soldered to a printed circuit board through a series of steps and procedures. This process is leads to the formation of the printed circuit board assembly or printed circuit assembly (PCA). At Twisted Traces, we have a huge expertise and experience in providing printed circuit board assembly services to our customers. We assure the quality of products and services, along with competitive prices and quickest turnaround times. We provide full turnkey and partial turnkey assembly services to our customers depending on their requirements.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly Capabilities of Twisted Traces

We believe our following PCB manufacturing and assembly capabilities have immensely contributed to our growth as one of the leading PCB assembly service providers in the US.

  • Types of PCB Assembly: Thru-hole assembly, surface mount technology (SMT) assembly, ball-grid-array assembly (BGA), mixed assembly (SMT and THD), kit assembly, single or double-sided placement, conformal coating, shield cover assembly for EMI emission control
  • Boards Type: Rigid-flex circuit boards, flex circuit boards, and rigid FR-4 circuit boards
  • Parts Procurement: Full turnkey, partial turnkey, kitted/consigned
  • Components: Passive parts, smallest size 0201, fine pitch components up to 8 Mils, BGA, uBGA, QFN, POP and leadless chips, hard metric connectors, cables and wires, and terminals
  • Components Package: Reels, cut tape, tube and tray, loose parts and bulk
  • Board Dimensions: Smallest size: 0.2" x 0.2" | Largest size: 15" x 20"
  • Maximum Component Size: 45 mm x 150 mm
  • Surface Finishing: Lead/lead-free HASL, ENIG, Silver, OSP
  • Component Package: Reels, cut tape, tube and tray, loose parts and bulk
  • Soldering: Leaded process, and lead-free (RoHS)
  • Board Shape: Round, rectangular, slots and cutouts, complex and irregular
  • Speed: 200000 CPH
  • Electrical Testing: X-ray inspection, visual inspection, functional testing, environmental stress testing, and In-circuit testing, automated optical inspection (AOI)
  • Minimum Board Handling Size: 50 mm x 50 mm x 0.3 mm
  • Maximum Board Handling Size: 530 mm x 460 mm x 5 mm
  • Design File Formats: Gerber RS-274X; Bill of Materials (BOM) accepted in formats such as.xls, .csv, xlsx; Centroid (Pick-N-Place/XY file)
  • Turnaround Times: Only PCB assembly: 1–5 days; turnkey PCB assembly: 10–16 days

Why Twisted Traces

Specializing in PCB manufacturing and assembly, we have had the privilege of serving clients across industries. The following features of our circuit board assembly services allow us to serve our clients above their expectations:

  • Instant Online Quote: The Twisted Traces online calculator enables you to obtain a free PCBA quote in minutes. The price you see on the calculator will help you understand how much you have to pay at the end of the assembly. Also, it will help you gain an understanding of the price increasing factors.
  • Quick Turn PCB Assembly: We assure quick turn PCB assembly services. We can provide turnkey PCB assemblies in 10–16 days. This includes the time from designing to assembly to shipping.
  • Prototype, Small and Bulk Volume: Over the years, we have invested in technologies and resources, which allow us to fulfill PCB volume requirements easily. We can provide a single piece of assembled PCB or up to 10,000 PCBs anytime. These PCBs are processed by our dedicated assembly lines.
  • 100% Quality Guarantee: We assure a 100% quality guarantee. We use only high-quality parts during PCB manufacturing and assembly, which allows us to stand by our commitment of providing only quality-driven products. All products undergo stringent testing at every phase of manufacturing to avoid errors and risk of failures.
  • World-Class Customer Service: Being one of the trusted circuit board assembly services providers in the US, we understand the importance of customer satisfaction. It doesn’t matter whether you are placing a big or small order, you will be working with a dedicated customer service manager. Every issue will be communicated to you during the PCB manufacturing and assembly process to keep you aware of the challenges in the development. This also allows us to assure transparency in the PCB assembly and manufacturing process.

Being a leading PCB manufacturing and assembly services provider in the US, we provide PCBs in different designs and specifications. Twisted Traces understands the important role played by these PCBs in different applications. We have been providing prompt services to our clients across various industries for a long time now. It doesn’t matter, whether it is a standard PCB or a complex design, we assure the fastest turnaround times and competitive prices. If you would like to know more about our PCB assembly services, contact us via telephone on (630)345-5400 or email us your questions at quotes@twistedtraces.com.