PCB Thickness

The thickness of a PCB plays a vital role in determining the performance of the circuit board. Therefore, it is important to discuss the same with an expert and understand the minimum thickness required. Twisted Traces is a company, which can provide you several PCB thickness options.

PCB Plating Thickness

Printed circuit board plating is an electrochemical process in which a metal is deposited on the surface of a PCB, as well as inside of the plated through-holes. Copper is the most common metal used for plating in the PCB fabrication process. We provide plating in the following materials:

Plating Material
HASL Copper: 20um -35um Tin: 5 -20um
Immersion Gold Nickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 2u″ -4u″
Hard Plated Gold Nickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 4u″ -8u″
Golden Finger Nickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 5u″ -15u″
Immersion Silver 6u″ -12u″
OSP Film 8u″ -20u″

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