PCB Solder Mask Colors

Solder mask is a thin protective layer of polymer that is applied to the traces of the printed circuit board during its manufacturing. The solder mask protects the copper traces from oxidation. For any printed circuit board, color is one of the critical design considerations. Green has been the most favored solder mask color always. We offer green, and a variety of  solder mask colors to meet your requirements.

Types Of PCB Solder Mask Colors Offered

Below are the different types of solder mask colors we offer:

  • Green
    Green is the most ideal solder mask color for printed circuit boards. This color ensures clear visibility of the components placed on it. The contrast between the traces, planes, and vacant spaces are very high on a green PCB. The color also offers the right contrast with the white legend. We provide green solder masks in glossy and matte variants.
  • Red
    Red is one of the bold and professional looking solder mask colors we offer. A red solder mask attracts with its brilliant hue, and offers great contrast for traces, planes, and empty spaces. The flux residue is able to clean up well when red solder resists are used.
  • Blue
    Blue is used in Arduino boards. This is because of the ideal contrast, which it creates with silkscreen. The solder mask color blue provides an aesthetic look to the PCB and helps highlight components effectively. It is also ideal for mounting on an LCD.
  • Black
    Black is one of the most unique solder mask colors, available with us. The color is available in both glossy and matte versions. Black solder mask is used post the repairing process.
  • White
    White solder mask applications are valued for their clean look. A white solder resist will give a distinct visual appeal to your circuit board. The specialty of this color is it helps highlighting specific features of the PCB. We offer white solder resist in a glossy version.
  • Yellow
    A yellow solder resist offers cleanliness, visibility, and style, which is appreciated by our customers. We offer yellow in a glossy version. It increases contrast between planes, spaces, and traces. This color effectively highlights the routing on a PCB.
  • Purple
    This is one of the most expensive solder mask colors. A purple solder mask is basically used for submarine printed circuit boards. We offer a glossy variant of the purple solder mask.

You can select the preferred solder mask color from the ones mentioned above. We can help you with appropriate color selection. If you have any questions or doubts regarding the perfect solder mask color for your application, you can always seek help of our customer service team.

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