Reliable and Performance-driven PCB and PCBA for Consumer Electronics 

The demand for advanced electronic devices has grown, and so has the PCB industry. Being a vital part of consumer electronics, PCB assembly services have developed rapidly than ever before. These days, various types of consumer electronic devices highly rely on well-designed and assembled PCBs. Thus, the PCB assembly sector becomes more efficient. With the right integration of PCB components, all types of electronic devices can easily perform their daily chores. At Twisted Traces, we have experienced personnel and advanced technological equipment to deliver superior manufacturing of printed circuit boards and related services for various players in the electronics and manufacturing sector. We strictly adhere to the required standards during the assembly of circuit boards. As a result, we are able to produce a PCB that ensures efficient working of consumer electronic devices.

Consumer Electronics PCB Assembly Capabilities of Twisted Traces 

As a manufacturer of prototype circuit boards, Twisted Traces provides superior quality and quick turn PCB design and fabrication services. Knowing the importance of reducing manufacturing lead times, we ensure timely delivery. Through the years, we have established various capabilities that helped us fulfill complex printed circuit board tasks with ease. The following are our PCB design and fabrication capabilities, which describe the entire PCB design flow. We also believe these capabilities have enabled us to become one of the preferred and trustworthy consumer electronics PCB manufacturers.

  • 1–20+ Layers
  • Leaded and lead-free printed circuit boards
  • Leadless chip carriers, BGA to 12 Mil pitch, single or double sided BGAs, and passives down to 0201
  • Ultra-fine pitch QFP, FCP & 0201 placement & repair, QFN, and CSP,
  • HASL, immersion silver, lead-free finishing: HASL, HASL + Gold fingers, OSP, ENG gold
  • Rogers, FR-4, Teflon, Nelco, and Getek
  • Surface Mount Assembly, Through-hole assembly, single- or double-sided SMT assembly, and mixed SMT
  • X-ray inspection, Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Air-conditioned and static-free work environment
  • Rigid, flex, and multi-layer PCB assembly
  • Wide selection of materials
  • Large scale PCB assembly
  • Lead free and quick turn PCB assembly

PCB Applications for the Consumer Electronics Industry

At Twisted Traces, our dedicated team is deeply engaged in making specialized boards for the computer and consumer electronics industries. These printed circuit boards can perform their daily tasks even more efficiently. Being industry-leading manufacturer of prototype circuit boards, we are capable of assembling premium quality boards for the following consumer electronics products:

  • Stereo players
  • Camcorders
  • Display Cards
  • LED and Retail Lighting
  • Power Supplies
  • Solid State Drives
  • Money Handling
  • Vending Machines
  • Digital Camera Systems
  • Video gaming consoles
  • Surveillance Systems
  • Desktop PC’s memory
  • Wired and wireless mouse
  • Computer Network Devices
  • Computer monitors and televisions
  • All-in-one printers and fax machines
  • Smartphones, computers, and tablets

Twisted Traces is one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in the USA. We possess years of industry experience, which allows us to understand customers' needs and can design PCBs accordingly. Our state-of-the-art facility and our capabilities allow us to provide high-quality PCBs, which guarantee high-performance of your electronic devices. With pocket-friendly quotes, we can offer you a range from simple to complex circuit board requirements in the consumer electronics industry. Are you interested to know more about our consumer electronics PCB assembly services? If yes, please contact us via (630)345-5400. You can email your specifications to

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