Turnkey LED PCB Manufacturer and Assembler in the US 

LEDs are the most preferred form of lighting in domestic, commercial, as well as industrial spheres nowadays because of the obvious benefits they offer. PCBs have been integral part of electronic devices for several years now. They are now integral to LEDs, too. Printed circuit boards, mostly standard PCBs, find a large application in LED lighting system. Thus, we can say that the rising demand for LEDs has surged the same for printed circuit board manufacturing. Custom PCB manufacturing is done specifically for indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems to suit their requirements. Also, manufacturing LED PCBs at a high speed and volume is just as crucial, without compromising on the quality aspect. Twisted Traces offers custom PCB LEDs to suit the demands of LED manufacturers. We are one of the trusted names for LED PCBs in the US as we design them to gain resistance to harsh outdoor environments.

Why Choose Us for LED PCBs?

LEDs have undergone changes over the years and this has only made them more robust and environment friendly, thus increasing their demand. All types of LEDs used on roads, traffic stoplights, vehicles, homes, commercial and public spaces, industries, sports grounds, and so on require PCBs. Twisted Traces understands that lead time is the critical success factor when it comes to prototyping a new PCB. We have helped many small and medium businesses with a quick time-to-market for their product prototypes and the best prices. With over three decades of experience in this sector, we had the privilege of serving clients from diverse critical industries such as aerospace and satellite, medical, military, consumer electronics, telecommunication, and automotive. This makes us one of the leading quick turn PCB assembly service providers in the US. Here are some of our strengths and reasons for you to choose us as a partner:

  • Manufacturing Facility in the US: We are proud US-based manufacturers and all our quick turn printed circuit boards are manufactured entirely in the USA at our Illinois based facility. Our well-equipped manufacturing facility comprises several latest PCB manufacturing equipment. This helps us take up small, as well as big volume orders with ease, and perform in-house fabrication. Our advanced manufacturing capabilities also help us stay true to our quality commitment.
  • Quick Turnaround Times: We understand the importance of quick time-to-market, thus, we offer the quickest possible turnaround time for your quick turn printed circuit boards. You can receive your PCBs on either the same day (within 24 hours) or within 2-3 business days. This will vary based on the requirement complexity.
  • Quick Custom Quotes as Per the Requirement: You can share your requirements for prototype panels and co-op panels, and expect a quick quote. We offer custom quotes upon receiving some specific details from you. These include the PCB features you require such as thickness, copper weights, solder mask colors, and surface finishes. You can also click here to receive a quick quote for standard PCBs.
  • Human Reviewed PCB Quotes: Apart from the quick quote, each Gerber file for quick turn printed circuit board requirements is reviewed manually to provide an accurate quote and an estimated turnaround time. The quotes are reviewed by our experts who have spent much time in the PCB fabrication and manufacturing industry and understand customer requirements better.
  • Excellent Customer Service: Unlike the competitors, we do not take much time to respond to customer queries. All the above-mentioned features of our quick turn PCB assembly services suggest our commitment towards customers and their requirements. Their satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we strive to achieve it with each order.

Quick Turn PCB Assembly Capabilities

In addition to the above features, we believe the following capabilities that we have acquired over the years help us perform better.

Applications of LED Printed Circuit Boards

We regularly provide printed circuit boards for the following LED applications:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Spot lights
  • Air landing and running lights
  • Flashlight and camping accessories
  • Solar power products
  • Street lights
  • Vehicle lights
  • Elevator lights
  • Headlights
  • Traffic and signal lighting

We are extremely open and flexible when it comes to the volume of your order. Twisted Traces can even cater to a single PCB requirement. We offer end-to-end solutions from ideation to maintenance stages. However, if you have a design, you can mail it to us in a Gerber file format. Our extremely efficient team will scan through your requirements and analyze them well to avoid any design flaws. So, if you are an LED manufacturer and require PCBs, you can contact our team for any technical help. For existing designs, they may suggest changes that help enhance the performance and turnaround times on the PCB and your final product. You can send your PCB specifications to quotes@twistedtraces.com. For any specific enquiries regarding our services and fabrication, you can call us on (630)345-5400 at any time of the day.

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