PCB Tolerances

Twisted Traces follows in-house tolerance guidelines to ensure the quality of the printed circuit boards. Our strict adherence to these tolerance values has helped us provide performance-oriented printed circuit boards to clients in diverse industrial verticals.

Inner Layer Clearances 0.010" ( Minimum)  
 Outer Layer Scoring .010" ( Minimum)  
 Inner Layer Scoring .015" ( Minimum) 
 Annular Ring .005" ( Vias) & 0.007" ( component holes) – Minimum values 
Pad Size  0.010" over finished hole size for vias/ + 0.014" over finished hole size for component holes  
 Minimum Hole Size And Tolerance  Min Finish Hole: 0.006", Hole Tolerance: ±0.003"
Printed Circuit Board Thickness Tolerance  +/- 10% (min.+/- 0.005")  
Copper Trace Width Tracing  .004" for 1 oz. copper. finishing (outer layers) and .5 oz. copper finishing (inner layers) 
 Silkscreen (Legend) 0.005" minimum line width 

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