PCB Assembly Services for Municipal Applications 

In the US, municipalities act as local governments, and they work towards improving the quality of life of people in their jurisdiction. Among various things, managing public utilities and ensuring their proper performance is one of the important activities undertaken by municipalities. There is a constant requirement to maintain public utilities such as traffic signals and street lights. Also, there is pressure to complete the installations of new utilities and repairs of old ones in a stipulated timeframe. The printed circuit boards are an integral part of many of these utility installations. Given to the short deadlines and the requirement for precision-designed printed circuit boards, they tend to partner with companies like Twisted Traces, which have a vast experience in designing and manufacturing PCBs for municipal applications. Our commitment to quality and short turnaround times has won us appreciation from several quarters, in recent years. It has helped us emerge as a leading circuit board manufacturer in the US, within a short time.

Municipal PCB Capabilities of Twisted Traces

At Twisted Traces, we specialize in custom PCB manufacturing, and have been delivering precision designed PCBs for several years now. The following capabilities enable us serve our clients better.

  • Flexible, rigid, and rigid-flex PCBs
  • RoHS-compliant PCBs
  • Quickturn PCB capabilities
  • Unique SMT parts
  • SMT parts placements
  • Single or double sided assemblies
  • Lead-free assemblies
  • Cable assemblies
  • Fine pitch placements
  • Unique through-hole parts
  • Through-hole placements
  • Specialized closures and box builds

We possess a vast experience in working with the following CAD software:

  • Autodesk (EAGLE)
  • Altium (Altium Designer)
  • Cadence (Allegro & ORCAD)
  • Mentor Graphics (PADS)

We request customers to provide us the following files:

  • Complete schematic diagrams
  • Assembly drawings
  • PCB layer stack drawings
  • Fabrication files
  • Complete bill of materials (BOM)
  • Pick and place files
  • Rout and drill files

Why Twisted Traces?

Since its inception, our only aim has been serving customers above and beyond their expectations. This has made us one of the most trustworthy circuit board manufacturers in the US. We get the most business from referrals and repeat customers. This is because they benefit from the following:

  • Custom PCB Manufacturing: Most municipal applications have standard PCB requirements, whereas some require customization. This is where we can help. We believe in delivering the PCBs that serve the client’s purpose, rather than providing them a regular PCB.
  • Fast Turnaround Times: Over the years, we have built strong supply chain relationships with vendors in the industry. This combined with our well-equipped facility enables us to assure the fast turnaround times on most requirements. We assure the same day shipping on standard PCBs and 2-3 days shipping on custom requirements.
  • An In-depth Understanding of Industrial Requirements: There are few circuit board manufacturers specializing in PCB for municipal applications and we top the list. Our in-depth understanding of various application requirements has helped us all these years. Being passionate about technologies, we understand how PCB for municipal applications are required to withstand harsh working conditions. This understanding allows us to choose the right material for building a PCB.
  • Excellent Customer Service: It doesn’t matter, whether you want a single PCB or a bulk volume of PCBs; for us every order is the same. Our experts will work with you throughout the design to manufacturing to the implementation phases.

Twisted Traces is passionate about building performance-driven printed circuit boards. This passion has driven us to outstretch our limits and do the best all these years. We never say no to any complex requirement because we know how to transform complex designs into working PCBs. Perhaps, this passion and commitment have helped us top the list of custom circuit board manufacturers in the US. Do you have any specific requirements for PCBs for municipal applications? We can help you better. You can get in touch with our team to discuss your requirements. 

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