Performance-driven PCB Assemblies for the Software Industry 

Printed circuit boards or PCBs play an important role in the software engineering segment. Right from a basic cell phone model to the most advanced touch screen interface, computers, laptops, and so on, circuit boards are used everywhere. Twisted Traces, one of the leading electronic board manufacturers in the USA, manufactures PCBs that are widely used in the software industry. As one of the leading printed circuit board manufacturers in the USA, we feel accountable to offer maximum precision and perfection in our PCB designs. We understand the level of intricacy the software segment requires. That is why we take a technologically-advanced approach in designing our PCBs to meet the high-end specifications of the software industry.

Capabilities We Offer for the Software Industry PCBs

We have spread our capabilities over three major segments in the software industry.

Operating System (OS) Development
Inter-Device Communication
User Interface





Custom State Machines

Smartphone and Tablet O/S

Microsoft Visual Studio

Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Electronic Health Record (EHR) API


TCP/UDP/IP stacks

HTTP/FTP/SSH client and server

SNMP agent and manager

Custom PPP-like protocols for asynchronous serial channels


WiFi Protocols


Graphic LCD / OLED

Touch Interface

Web-Based Control and Administration

We provide PCBs for the software industry with the following capabilities:

PCB Type

Multilayer PCBs (1-20 layers)

Single-Sided Rigid Boards

Double-Sided Rigid Boards



Aluminum/Copper Base



Lead Surface Finish


HASL + Gold Fingers

Lead-free Surface Finish

Lead Free HASL

ENG Gold


Immersion Silver

Solder Mask






Silkscreen Color





Max PCB Size 560 mm x 420 mm
Board Options

ROHS Compliance

CNC Routing

Dry Film Solder Mask (DFSM)

Liquid Photoimageable Solder Mask Inks (LPSM)


IPC Class 2

IPC Class 3

ISO 9000

Benefits of Using Our Software Industry PCBs

Our expertise can meet your most complex software requirements. You can benefit from our services in ways more than one. Here are some of the benefits of using our software PCBs:

  • Our several years of experience in printed circuit board manufacturing for varied clients and the use of advanced technology has made our PCB manufacturing services flawless and reliable.
  • We understand the designing requirements of customers and build PCBs that are compatible for particular a software device/application. Our computer aided designing tools guarantee a high level of accuracy.
  • From prototype to the production stage, we subject the circuit boards to strict quality examinations applying various testing methods. This is to ensure a smooth and glitch-free performance of your software.
  • We are very particular about our quality and our PCBs are thoroughly tested at every stage before they are assembled and installed.
  • We do not believe in outsourcing our work and make our PCBs entirely on our own at our facility in the US.
  • We are experts at customization and offer scalable PCBs which make your systems efficient and cost effective in the long run.
  • You can get definite benefits with our budget-friendly and result-oriented PCB designing and manufacturing services.

Applications of Software PCBs

Here are a few application areas of PCBs in the software industry: 

  • Motherboards
  • Flex connectors
  • Memory interface cards
  • Piggy back boards

Standards and Certifications

At Twisted Traces, we offer you superior-quality software PCBs. We comply with the following certifications and standards when manufacturing our industrial PCBs:

  • IPC-WHMA-A-620
  • J-STD-001 in-house Certified Trainer
  • IPC-CC-830B
  • ITAR
  • ISO 13485
  • IPC-A-610-D and ANSI/J-STD-001 standards – Class II and Class III only  

Twisted Traces is well-known PCB manufacturer in the USA. As a well-known printed circuit board supplier, we have the ability to deliver PCBs with optimum accuracy and in the shortest turnaround times. We provide 24/7 live support for your queries. Twisted Traces offers circuit boards without any restrictions on the volume or quantity. We have had the privilege of working with clients from several industries over the years, including software. We manufacture our PCBs at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and offer the best prices on bulk orders. Our extremely resourceful team would be more than happy to help with any relevant queries. To know more about our products and services, please free to call us on (630)345-5400. You can also email us at

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