Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave PCB Manufacturing

Radio Frequency (RF) and Microwave PCBs are PCBs created to transmit signals in higher frequency ranges - megahertz to gigahertz frequency ranges (medium to extremely high frequency). Hence, RF PCBs are used in devices that transmit high frequency communication signals like military radars and cellphones. Twisted Traces is one of the well-known manufacturers of demanding microwave PCBs in the US. We provide customized solutions to our clients in various challenging markets such as military, aerospace, and telecommunications.

Radio Frequency (RF) / Microwave PCB Assembly Capabilities

The following features have also helped us set new standards in the manufacturing and assembly of high quality, and performance-oriented microwave PCBs for mission-critical applications.

Product Range Materials Used Surface Finishes Hole Fill

Mixed or hybrid dielectric boards ( combination of FR4 and PTFE)

Cavity boards ( laser drilled or mechanical)

Metal backed and metal core PCBs

Precision soft boards

Embedded PCBs

Flex and Flex-Rigid PCBs

Large Format PCBs

 Random Glass

PTFE with ceramic fillers

Woven glass with ceramic fillers



 ENEPIG – electroless nickel, immersion gold, electroless palladium

ENIG – soft immersion gold, electroless nickel Immersion Silver

Hard and soft wire bondable gold/p>




Board Dimensions Data Formats Specifications

Maximum Standard Panel – 610mmx 457mm

Maximum board thickness - 8mm

Bonded antenna structures – up to 1800mm x 500mm

Large format panel – 100mmx 1800mm

Minimum laminate thickness – 0.025mm


Autocad DWG/DXF

Extended Gerber (RS- 274X)

Track and Gap Spacing – 0.13mm

Hole diameter ( minimum) – 0.2mm

Track width tolerance: ( up to 0.5 Oz Cu) - +/- 15 microns & (up to 1 Oz Cu) - +/- 25 microns

Tolerance – Hole Diameter ( +/- 0.005mm)

Hole Position ( +/- 0.1mm) and Profiling (+/- 0.1mm)

Hole aspect ratio – 8:1

Special Assembly and Testing Equipment

Most standard RF/Microwave PCBs are assembled using standard fabrication equipment. However, we have invested in specialized equipment, which helps us meet the requirements of demanding PCBs. We have invested in advanced Thru-hole assembly equipment, which helps us ensure high quality through hole PCBs. The following are some of the other special assembly and testing equipment in our facility.

  • RF assembly of surface mount components, connectors, drop-in cavity components
  • Advanced RF test centers with network analyzers in the range of 50 MHz to 40 GHz
  • Laser Direct Imaging (LDI) equipment that helps hold very fine trace widths, as well as meet front to back registration requirements.

To know more about our RF/microwave PCB assembly and manufacturing services, their applications, and other benefits, please feel free to call us at 630-345-5400. Our experts are available at your service 24/7.

Prototype Panel

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