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Different types of medical instrumentation require technology that is reliable in critical situations. PCBs help to provide technological solutions for a variety of medical needs. At Twisted Traces, we provide PCB solutions for hospitals, ambulances, clinics, and dental facilities, to name only a few.

How Twisted Traces can Help You

The field of medicine requires devices that are designed to provide precise measurements, scans, and reports. We have the flexibility to use aluminum, copper, and laminate substrates to create the circuit board. This helps to provide more options when manufacturing medical products such as CT scan systems, defibrillators, pacemakers, and heart monitors.

At Twisted Traces, we can design your PCB with single layer, double-sided, or multi-layer circuit boards according to the application. Our designers use a variety of complex methodologies and varied substrates including ceramic, glass epoxy, and aluminum fills while building your circuit board.

Twisted Traces has an in-house manufacturing facility with the latest in engineering technology and hardware to meet any client’s requirements. Our PCBs can be used even in the toughest of high density and frequency applications.

Our capabilities for the medical industry include:

  • Rigid FR-4, Rigid-Flex, Rogers, Aluminum
  • Single or Double sided assemblies
  • SMT or PTH mixed
  • Fine pitch components
  • HDI cables for image equipment
  • Cable assemblies

Twisted Traces products are ITAR Registered, IPC-610-A Class III, and ISO 9001:2008 Certified. Our PCB assembly services are compliant with RoHS directives. Our assembly services include manual as well as electronic assembly. Contact us to know more about our services.

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