Mechanical engineering is a disciplined field that deals with product manufacturing, machining, and tooling, etc. The level of precision required for devices to perform these processes is very high. We at Twisted Traces work diligently to develop circuit boards with same levels of precision so as to effectively serve the mechanical engineering sector.

What Makes Our Circuit Boards Stand Out in the Mechanical Engineering Sector?

Mechanical engineering is a multi-facet segment that requires machineries and devices for various processes (most of which are automated). These devices need meticulously designed, highly compact printed circuit boards. We at Twisted Traces have mastered at the art and technique of manufacturing such PCBs. Our experience of over 30 years has helped us in designing and developing a process that provides end-to-end solution for the mechanical engineering field.

Our expert team of engineers and designers understand the requirements of clients in details. We take queries and suggestions in the designing stage itself to make the PCBs compatible for the demanding nature of mechanical engineering applications. We provide product specifications for the clients to get a basic idea of the circuit boards.

Be it stamping, tooling, casting or any other requirement of the mechanical engineering sector, our printed circuit board designing solutions are fully capable of complying with all needs and specifications.

Mechanical Engineering

Tooling CAD: Solid Modeling & Assembly with SolidWorks Engineering Capabilities
Industrial Design / Development Rapid Prototyping: SLA & DMP Printers
Production Processes Extrusions: Aluminum & Plastic
Casting Finishing / Plating
Machining Stamping
Plastics Injection Molding
Silicone Molding Pressure Forming
RIM Packaging
Precision Electromechanical Design Precision Motor Control
Fluid Handling

Prototype Panel

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Deadlines won't wait for the Co-op Panel to fill for your 1- to 8-layer board? No problem with our 12" X 18" Mini-Panel (working area 9" X 15").Quote and order your PCBs online.


Co-op Panel

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Bare board AND assembly orders can now share a panel to spread the cost – saving everyone money on set up costs as well as materials. Join a 2-layer or 4-layer Co-op Panel (Bare or Finished). These panels fill quickly as they are half the size of our competitors'! Quote and order your PCBs online.


Custom Quote

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Ready to take your prototype design to production? Looking for other board materials or a higher layer count? Whatever your requirement, send us your specs and we will send you a custom quote.Quote your Custom PCBs online.


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