Industrial Applications of Twisted Traces PCBs: Electronic Engineering

The electronic industry is dependent on high performance PCBs to work as substrate for conductive tracks and provide mechanical support in various electrical and electronic devices. Twisted Traces has been serving the electronic engineering sector since over 3 decades with our superior quality PCBs.

Why Choose Twisted Traces PCBs for Your Electronics?

We have a Design for Manufacturability (DFM) approach when it comes to our PCBs. This approach helps us in designing the most intricate and compact circuit boards (that are common to many high-end electronic devices). We make use of the best quality products and raw materials to manufacture PCBs that are both durable as well as have enhanced operational value. We provide end-to-end solution in PCB manufacturing for electronics, right from prototyping to production. With our quick turnaround time, your orders are completed within the given deadlines.

Electronic Industry Applications that Use Twisted Traces PCBs:

Our PCBs are used widely in many electronic products by various companies. Some of the common applications are:

  • Digital Wrist Watches
  • Digital Network Devices
  • Hand Held Video Games
  • Calculators
  • Remote Controls
  • Dash Instrumentation Systems
  • Radio Accessories
  • IR Detector
  • DC to AC Power Convertors
  • Electronic Toys
  • Heat Monitors
  • Cell Phones

Microprocessor / Microcontroller Experience

Atmel ARM Processors Atmel AVR Family
Cypress PSOC Freescale Coldfire Processors
Freescale Kinetis Processors Freescale MCore Processors
Intel 8051 Family Microchip PIC Family
NXP ARM Processors Renesas Processors
Silicon Labs Processors Texas Instruments DSPs
Texas Instruments MSP430 Family

Electronic Design

System Analysis & Modeling Reverse Engineering
Circuit Design & Schematic Capture Programmable Logic & FPGA Design
Custom Enclosures and Front Panels Prototype Development & Test
Technical Support for Safety Agency Qualification Test Fixture Design

Programmable Logic

CPLD Lattice Semiconductor
Xilinx Altera

Interface Experience

USB LonWorks
SPI and TWI Serial Bus Modbus
Modbus2 LIN Bus
CAN Bus Ethernet
ARCNET RS-232/422


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