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We are proud to be recognized by/compliant with the following: BBB, ESD Association, FDA, IPC, ISO, ITAR, REACH, RoHS, SMTA, UL and WEEE.

Yes, we are one of the few websites allowing users to check pricing and complete orders without creating an account.

Indefinitely, but costs for our co-op panels can vary; current prices will be reflected at the time of checkout.

We require gerber files (274X or 274D with an aperture list), an excellon drill file, and a drill tool list (may be included in excellon drill file). We also support other formats such as ODB or AutoCAD dxf to create gerbers for you. Please send any non-gerber formats to: quotes@twistedtraces.com

Please contact us directly at 630-345-5400, and we will make arrangements to receive them.

Call us at 630-345-5400; we do our best to respond to customers’ needs quickly.


Yes, once the panel is full it will be closed.

Once the panel is closed we will the process the panel. It will require 4 – 5 working days to complete.

You can request a quote using your order number that was sent on your confirmation.


No job is too small! Check out our Co-op Panel for small jobs. We are here for your needs from prototype to production

Please visit “About Us” to view this in detail.

A Bill of Materials is only needed if you would like your boards assembled as well.

Yes. Manufacturer part numbers are preferred, but vendor part numbers can be used.

Yes, preferably one continuous strip of cut tape per part.

Yes! We specialize in high-quality, on-shore PCBs at competitive prices.

You can supply any of the components that you wish. When possible, please provide parts in tape/reel, tubes or trays.

If there is a part that you need us to supply, let us know at the time of quote. We will check our stock or purchase the part for you.

If you supplied the kit to us, we will ship the extra parts back to you. If there is a shortage of a part you supplied, we will contact you.

Include special instructions in your RFQ, and confirm in your PO.

Yes. Please contact Customer Support (630-345-5400) to discuss further.


We can set up net terms after credit references are checked, or you can pay by credit card.

We accept USPS, UPS and FedEx. Our address is 725 Nicholas Blvd., Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

Call us immediately - (630)345-5400 - or e-mail us, sales@twistedtraces.com.

We will do a fantastic job; no need for rework ☺

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