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Insulated Metal Substrate (IMS) PCBs are a kind of PCBs that use aluminium as a base material for the carrier of copper. In this type of circuit boards, a layer of dielectric is bonded between the copper tracks and the aluminium substrate. The dielectric layer features high ceramic content, which transfers the heat generated from LED, or other high power driver components through the metal substrate, and takes it away from the device. This helps devices to maintain optimal temperatures and ensures their continual performance. For high thermal efficiency, the (IMS) insulated metallic substrate PCBs are attached to secondary heat sinks.

We manufacture and supplies (IMS) insulated metallic substrate PCBs, since last many years. Our IMS boards are used as heat sinks in many power components, as well as advanced LED applications.

Our Aluminium PCBs Highlights

Being one of the prominent thermal clad PCB manufacturers, we deliver the following:

  • Realizing layouts
  • Prototype building
  • Purchasing components
  • Materials with thermally conductive resins or pre-pegs
  • Routed versions
  • Black or white solder resist
  • Special surfaces such as ceramic surfaces
  • Highly reflective aluminium clad PCBs
  • Special surfaces such as ceramic provided
  • Manufacturing PCBs in small and big volumes
  • Functional Testing
  • Rigidity Testing
  • RoHS compliant PCBs available on request

Benefits of Purchasing IMS Thermal Clad PCBs from Us

The following benefits of our metal backed PCBs make us popular with our clients across various industrial segments.

  • Low Costs: Aluminum is an easily available metal, and our industry-wide relationships help us source them at low prices. We transfer these benefits to our customers.
  • Environment-Friendly: Aluminum is a non-toxic and recyclable metal. This means PCBs provided by us are recyclable at the end of their lifespan. Also, aluminium can be easily welded or designed, which helps save energy.
  • High Durability: Aluminum improves the reliability of PCBs by making them durable. It is a material that reduces accidental breakage during the production.
  • Quality is Our Priority: We have adopted rigorous testing at each step of the PCB manufacturing process. This allows us to provide only high-quality products to our customers. All our metal clad PCBs benefit from the advanced miniaturization technologies and testing that we employ at our facility.

Applications of Insulated Metal Substrate PCBs

Insulated Metallic Substrate PCBs are ideal for applications that require:

  • High power
  • Large mechanical loads
  • High level of dimensional stability
  • Flammability restrictions/concerns
  • Extra electromagnetic shielding

Twisted Traces IMS insulated metal substrate PCBs are used in welding machines, motor drivers, power conversion circuits, etc. Our experts will interact and discuss with you at each step of manufacturing to understand your application requirements. This helps us provide high quality and performance-oriented custom IMS PCBs. To know more about our custom IMS PCB services, you can contact us via telephone (630)345-5400, or email us your questions at quotes@twistedtraces.com

Please note: Number of boards is calculated from board area and is subject to change after panel layout is complete.

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