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We at Twisted Traces are capable of providing highly attributed IMS Insulated metal Substrate PCBs. These can be defined as a material bonded with copper circuitry upon an electrically insulated dielectric layer, which is further bonded to a metallic substrate. Insulated metal substrate PCBs has several benefits. These PCBs are known for their lower operating temperature and small footprint. They are also known for increasing power density and reducing the number of interconnects.


Apart from that, IMS PCBs also improve the thermal and mechanical properties and performance of the involved products. These are considered to be a much better substitute for the fragile ceramic substrates, and are known for their greater mechanical durability. IMS PCBs are also used to enjoy better surface mount technology. These benefits and properties of IMS insulated Metal Substrate PCBs make them perfect for applications like power conversion, heat-rails in engines, LEDs, motor drivers, solid state relays, welding machines, fork lifting trucks, and so on.

Please note: Number of boards is calculated from board area and is subject to change after panel layout is complete.

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