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8 Layer Prototype PCBs

The 8-layered Prototype FR-4 PCB is a circuit board with 8 layers that are stacked firmly together with predefined and dependable mutual connections between the layers. An 8 layer FR-4 PCBs has more complex structure. Twisted Traces is a reputable name in the field of manufacturing 8 layer prototype PCBs.

8 Layer Prototype PCB Benefits

8 layer PCB stackups are usually preferred for following qualities:

  • High Assembly Density
  • Small Size
  • Good Quality
  • Flexibility

We use FR-4 material, which is highly resistant to fire. This material is highly effective, particularly for high-density multilayer boards. These properties of the FR-4 material make it the best choice for high volume, and fine line multi-layers applications. Owing to its durability, consistency, and predictability, FR-4 material offers ease of processing at the site of circuit board fabrication.

We have mastered the proficiency of producing state-of-the-art and high-quality, multilayer PCBs that are extensively used in various electronic devices and applications as one of the most important components and applications.

We are one of the leading 8 layer FR-4 PCB manufacturers. For more information on 8 layer PCB Stackups, you can always contact us. Feel free to call us on (630) 345-5400. You can also request a quote by mailing us at quotes@twistedtraces.com.

Please note: Number of boards is calculated from board area and is subject to change after panel layout is complete.

8 Layer FR4 PCB Specifications

We provide 8 layer FR4 PCBs Stackups with following specifications:

Number of Layers Board Thickness Inner Layer Copper Weight Outer Layer Copper Weight

8 Layers


 0.5 oz.

1 oz.

2 oz.

 0.5 oz.

1 oz.

2 oz.

Surface Finish Minimum Drill Size

HASL Leaded

HASL Lead-free

ENIG Immersion Gold

Immersion Silver

12 mil

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