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6 layer prototype PCBs comprise three tracing layers, two ground planes, and one power plane. The 6 layer PCBs stackups are preferred over four layer PCBs in many advanced electronic applications due to various advantages they offer. Twisted Traces provides 6 layer prototype PCBs that are manufactured using the high-quality FR-4 material. The FR-4 material is well-known for its durability, precision, as well as several technical advantages that it offers.

Highlights of 6 Layer Prototype PCB Stackups

We are considered as one of the leading 6 layer FR-4 PCBs manufacturers in the US. Our following capabilities allow us to provide 6 layer PCB stackups to customers across various industry verticals.

  • Quick turn prototype PCB production
  • No holds processing
  • Free PCB file test (DFM)
  • Free E-Test
  • Pre-defined Specifications
  • Final Thickness – 0.062
  • Minimum finished hole size ≥ 8 MIL
  • Minimum Trace or Space ≥ 5/5 MIL
  • RoHS- Compliant ( Lead-free material and surface finish)
  • 2 Side Silkscreen ( Yellow, Black, Red, and White)
  • IPC Class II

Key Benefits of Purchasing 6 layer FR-4 PCBs from Us

The following are the key benefits of buying 6 layer PCB Stackups from Twisted Traces:

  • Best Prices: We provide an unlimited selection of plated and non-plated holes, drill sizes, and various other features at the prices specified.
  • Quality: We guarantee that each printed circuit board provided is fabricated exactly as per your requirements.
  • Short Turnaround Times: We use advanced file verification systems, which allow us to respond to customer’s requirements in very short time.
  • No Minimum Quantity: We allow our customers to order as per their requirements. Hence, they can even order a single PCB.
  • Bulk Order Discounts: We provide attractive bulk order discounts. Great price savings can be availed on bulk prototype orders.
  • Custom Sizes: We can provide 6 layer PCB stackups in any specification. Our advanced equipment and vast industry experience allow us to provide customized PCBs at short turnaround times.

Applications of 6 Layer Prototype PCB Stackups

The following are some of the industrial applications that use 6 layer FR-4 PCBs:

  • LED
  • Computer Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Game Machines
  • Lighting

We are considered as one of the key 6 layer FR-4 PCBs suppliers in the US, and all our orders are backed with quality and fast delivery promise. To know more about our 6 layer prototype PCBs, you can contact us via telephone (630)345-5400, or email us your questions at quotes@twistedtraces.com

Please note: Number of boards is calculated from board area and is subject to change after panel layout is complete.

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