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Twisted Traces brings to its customers 1-2 Layer PCBs made withFR4 material that is popularly known as “Glass reinforced epoxy laminated sheets”. Being a universally used material for PCB construction, FR4 is widely appreciated for certain properties like high dielectric strength, light weight, high mechanical strength, and resistance to moisture. Moreover, its fire resistant qualities make it even more preferable for manufacturing of 1-2 layered PCBs. Hence, it is well-equipped with all the features that are conducive for PCB manufacturing.

Twisted Traces has successfully harnessed the consistency and predictability of FR4 to manufacture 1-2 layered PCBs. FR4 renders immense convenience of processing at the site where circuit boards are manufactured. The material comes with certain flexible, mechanical, and electrical characteristics that make it easy and user-friendly for both the fabricators and the designers while manufacturing critical circuit network.

A vast majority of rigid printed circuit boards are produced with the help of FR4. One or both the sides of this glass epoxy panel is laminated with thin layers of copper foils. This copper-clad sheet is then used to fabricate etched circuitry with copper layers to produce printed circuit boards.

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