Prototype Panel

Prototype Panel for Quick Turn Prototype

As part of our prototyping services, we at Twisted Traces offer prototype or mini panels. These panels are circuit boards designed to provide solutions for quick turn prototype builds. Essentially, these panels are used to help finalize the best design for a PCB before moving onto the manufacturing process.

Our designers and engineers utilize mini panels to evaluate different design plans, check for troubleshooting issues, and confirm performance of particular designs. We can even use mini panels to refine existing PCB designs.

We constantly review every aspect and component that is incorporated throughout the prototyping process. We check the quality and performance of the chosen materials, whether the panel meets Design for Manufacturability (DFM) guidelines, and whether it will meet our goal of quick PCB turnaround time. Throughout the prototyping process, we ensure that the expected level of design quality and product durability is maintained.

At Twisted Traces, we generally provide our mini panels in sizes of 12″ X 18″, with a working area of 11″ X 17″ for 1-2 layer boards and 9” X 15” for 4, 6, and 8 layer boards. We utilize 1 panel as the basis to estimate the total cost. The build quantity is based on the overall yield of the panel.

Our mini panel prototyping services are designed to help in saving time, materials, and overall expenses.

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