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.062” thickness
1oz Copper
6/6 Trace/Space
Drill Size 12
White Silk Screen
The customer will NOT be allowed to change these specs.

4 layer boards from us are known for their precision-based fabrication, flexibility, and durability. We focus mainly on Design for Manufacturability approach, and this enables us to design and fabricate a wide array of 4-layered PCBs catering to low, medium, and high volumes of customized orders. Our clients belong from different industrial sectors including medical, military, aerospace, electronics, automotive, power suppliers and controllers, communications, and so on. The first layer of the 4 layered PCB board can be designed with copper foil and the other layers can be fabricated from pre-preg according to customer requirements.

The core material comprises the second and third layers that are placed on top followed by one layer of pre-preg to complete the structure. We make sure to empower the 4-layer boards with the necessary mechanical strength to prove its durability and resistance during crucial and sophisticated applications. Our 4-layered PCBs are used in applications that require high levels of uniformity in conductor wave impedance.

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