CO-Op Panel

Co-op Panel Prototyping Services

Twisted Traces provides co-op panel prototyping and assembly services to meet the needs of customers with small quantity PCB requirements. Our services are designed to provide quality and precise panels while keeping manufacturing costs low.

Our co-op panel prototyping services provide a variety of benefits to customers. We design the panel layout to be versatile, and to share panel space with other customers’ designs. When prototyping materials are shared within different projects, it allows us to keep setup and material costs at affordable rates.

We utilize state-of-the-art assembly equipment, which enables us to provide co-op panels utilizing both SMT and PTH. Common parts that are used in a variety of projects are preloaded onto our machines to expedite the assembly process. Shared co-op panels provide benefits of shared setup, stencil, and programming costs.

Customers need to order boards in multiples of three pieces for ease of manufacturing and delivery. The price of each pcb panel will depend on the board area. However, we ensure that our customers are provided panels within economical prices.

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