PCB Thickness

Thickness of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) plays a vital role in determining the performance of the circuit board. Therefore, it is very much important to discuss the thickness of a PCB with an expert and understand the minimum thickness required. Twisted Traces is a company, which can provide you several PCB thickness options.

PCB Plating Thickness

Printed circuit board plating is an electrochemical process in which a metal is deposited on the surface of a PCB, as well as inside of the plated through-holes. Copper is the most common metal used for plating in PCB fabrication process. We provide plating in following materials:

HASL  Copper: 20um -35um Tin: 5 -20um  
 Immersion Gold Nickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 2u″ -4u″  
 Hard Plated Gold Nickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 4u″ -8u″  
 Golden Finger Nickel: 100u″ -200 u″ Gold: 5u″ -15u″  
 Immersion Silver 6u″ -12u″  
OSP  Film 8u″ -20u″ 


Minimum PCB Thickness

The minimum thickness for most of the circuit boards is 0.2 mm. However, owing to the need of the design or limited space, the minimum thickness can vary. In such cases, the minimum thickness is generally 0.2 mm, 0.4 mm, 0.5 mm, etc. The circuit boards with minimum thicknesses as mentioned above are used in applications, such as SIM card, sensor card, and many more. We provide minimum thickness as:

2 Layer  0.008″ (0.2mm)
 4 Layer 0.016″ (0.4mm)
 6 Layer 0.024″ (0.6mm)
 8 Layer 0.032″ (0.8mm) 
 10 Layer 0.04″ (1mm)  
More than 10 Layers 0.5 X number of layers X 0.008″ 


Finished PCB Thickness

The maximum thickness of a finished printed circuit board can be determined by measuring it from copper to copper. Maximum thickness of a PCB plays an important role in the fabrication of a circuit board. The maximum finished PCB thickness determines the stack heights for the purpose of drilling and profiling, the aspect ratio, as well as the permanent limits of manufacturing equipment for processing. Thickness of solder mask should be considered, while calculating the total thickness. The total thickness of a PCB is between 0.5 mm (0.020 inches) to 6.85 mm (0.270 inches). We provide PCBs with finished thickness 0.008″ - 0.275″ (0.2mm- 7mm).

We at Twisted Traces are experts at designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards of different thicknesses. Be it designing a PCB or making a PCB prototype, we can handle everything. Our team of experts are always happy to help you with your PCB design requirements. If you wish to know more about our products and services, please get in touch with us at the earliest. You can contact us on our 24/7 live support line (630) 345-5400, or mail us your queries and requirements at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Prototype Panel

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