PCB Surface Finishes

Surface finishing in an important requirement in various PCB industries. Unprotected printed circuit boards are at high risk of oxidation, which can affect their structural integrity. A surface finish acts as a vital interface between the components and circuit board. Surface finishing offers a solderable surface while assembling the components to it. Also, it protects the copper circuit from any kind of environmental hazards. We are a leader in innovative printed circuit board design and fabrication. We offer various types of surface finishing in the circuit boards.

PCB Surface Finishes Provided by Us

We offer the following types of pcb surface finishes:

  • Immersion Silver: Immersion silver is RoHS compliant, and provides a good surface finish. This surface finish provides a reliable solder joint. Immersion silver finishing is best suited for prototyping. This type of finishing is environment friendly, and can withstand multiple reflow.
  • HASL: Hot Air Solder Level finishing or HASL is one of the most common types of surface finishing performed on printed circuit boards. Typically HASL boards are dipped into molten soldering substrate and taken out. The excess deposition is remove dusing hot air knives. HASL finishing is ROHS compliant, and offers excellent shelf life. This is one of the most affordable surface finishes around.
  • ENIG: ENIG (Electroless Nickel / Immersion Gold) surface finishing features a 2-8 μ in over a 120-240 μ in nickel layer. The gold layer protects the nickel from disintegrating during the assembly. For fine-pitch surface mount parts, this surface finishing is a viable option because their tracks are very flat and square-edged. ENIG provides a planar surface plating on the circuit boards with a reliable solder joint.
  • Gold Fingers: This surface finishing provides a planar surface, which is resistant to any kind of wearing that happens due to repeated insertions. One of the specialties of gold finger surface finishing is, it can be used with other surface finishing treatments. A gold finger surface finishing is usually applied to PCB areas prone to excess wear and tear such as edge connector fingers and keypads.
  • OSP: OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative) is an anti-tarnish surface finishing used in printed circuit boards. In this, the copper surface is preserved from oxidation by applying a thin layer of protective material. The protective material is applied using a conveyorized process. A water-based compound is used as a protective material. This compound produces an organometallic layer that protects the copper beneath. OSP is a non-toxic, environment-friendly surface finishing process, and cost effective in comparison to many other surface finishing techniques.

We help clients decide on their favored surface finishing from the above. To know more about the advantages of each of these surface finishing, please contact us at the earliest.

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