PCB Profile

Every printed circuit board is distinguished by its specific shape. Shaping is done towards the end of the circuit board manufacturing. It involves either – routing or V scoring or the combination of both. Many times, machining is performed to conduct cut-outs, and apertures in the printed circuit board before the final assembly.

PCB Profiling Capabilities of Twisted Traces

Profiling is performed to cut a PCB out of the production panel. We use a computer managed router to create internal cut outs on the production panel. The cutter follows a pre-defined path. In the next stage, the milling machine head fitted with a suitable cutter is run through the production panel. The machine head is fitted with a vacuum controlled brush that removes the small particles produced during the profiling. The circuits formed on the production panel are separated by small material bridges. Drilling is performed to separate the PCB, and the production panel.

The following PCB Profiling capabilities have helped us serve our clients better:

Punch Tolerance ±5 Mil
CNC Tolerance ±5 Mil
V-CUT Tol ±10 Mil
Bevel Edges ±5 Mil
Slot Min 32 Mil
Angle 15°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°


At Twisted Traces, we allow clients to decide the shape for their PCB. Shape of the PCB is one of the factors, which adds up to the final costs. The rectangle is the most effective shapes because it can be fitted on a production panel. Also, this shape yields maximum utilization. We get maximum orders for rectangular shaped PCBs.

Our in-depth understanding of cost effective PCB shapes and their capabilities in specific applications allow us cater a wide range of clients. We at Twisted Traces, are committed towards offering quality PCB products at cost effective services. Also, we are well-known for our fast turnaround times in the industry. No matter, how simple or complex your PCB board is, we can assure precision and short lead times. Twisted Traces is a one-stop shop for PCB manufacturing. We provide a comprehensive range of PCB fabrication services including PCB design/layout to machining and profiling.To know more about PCB manufacturing capabilities, please call us on (630)345-5400 at any time of the day. Alternately, you can mail us your comments, concerns, or queries at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our experts are always ready to serve you.

Prototype Panel

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Deadlines won't wait for the Co-op Panel to fill for your 1- to 8-layer board? No problem with our 12" X 18" Mini-Panel (working area 9" X 15").Quote and order your PCBs online.


Co-op Panel

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Bare board AND assembly orders can now share a panel to spread the cost – saving everyone money on set up costs as well as materials. Join a 2-layer or 4-layer Co-op Panel (Bare or Finished). These panels fill quickly as they are half the size of our competitors'! Quote and order your PCBs online.


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Ready to take your prototype design to production? Looking for other board materials or a higher layer count? Whatever your requirement, send us your specs and we will send you a custom quote.Quote your Custom PCBs online.


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