Why is Consigned PCB Assembly So Popular?

Consigned PCB Assembly
Why is Consigned PCB Assembly So Popular?

When it comes to a standard PCB assembly, most PCB manufacturers and assembly service providers offer end-to-end services, right from acquiring materials to designing, manufacturing, and deploying. However, some OEMs or clients may have their part designs ready or certain parts available with them. Hence, they may not require end-to-end solutions. Also, there is a huge demand for customized PCB assemblies with small sizes, reduced thicknesses, and multiple components. In both these aspects, consigned PCB assembly services may serve the purpose in terms of meeting the specified requirements and cost-effectiveness. Consigned PCB assembly services serve as a hybrid solution, wherein OEMs may procure some or all the parts and components, and the PCB assembler would only design, manufacture blank boards, and assemble. So, it’s a win-win case for both of them. Are you intrigued to know why consigned PCB assemblies are popular?

Benefits of Consigned PCB Assembly Discussed

As mentioned, consigned PCB assembly is one of the widely used options by OEMs, especially the ones who have used PCBAs in their products. In such cases, OEMs may have an established vendor network for part procurement or may have certain parts available in their inventory. There are several benefits of opting for a consigned PCB assembly, and you need to choose the right services you need, depending on your application requirements. Here are some related pointers.

In consigned PCB assembly, the client gets freedom and flexibility in choosing the services they require. If required, the clients can get help from service providers when selecting the parts depending on the design and the application requirement. Today, you will find many manufacturers who specialize in providing consigned PCB assemblies. However, not all assure about their quality and precision. Twisted Traces stands tall among its other competitors. With vast years of market presence and a highly skilled team of experts, the company provides quality consignment PCB assembly services globally, especially in the US.

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