What tools do you need for your PCB design

What tools do you need for your PCB design

When one thinks of tools, the images that usually come to mind are hammers, saws, welding tools, etc. But when it comes to printed circuit boards design, the term ‘tool’ is used in a different manner. For the most part, tools for PCB design  comprise electronic software for Gerber and excellon files, CAD software, and the Internet for finding the right avenues to source your components from. There are also a few materials that can be termed as ‘physical tools’ like stencils and soldering tools.

Using PCB Design Tools

All the above mentioned tools and materials are used by the engineer during the design and manufacturing phases of PCB construction. These phases begin when all the required materials are allocated, the basic framework of the printed circuit board has been drawn, and a proper grid has been sketched to understand the working of the PCB.

All of these tools are extremely important when creating various layers and using different components to manufacture printed circuit boards for complex applications.

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