Top 7 PCB Heat Transfer Techniques Discussed

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Top 7 PCB Heat Transfer Techniques Discussed

Miniaturization is in trend for several years. Most advanced electronic equipment that we use today features compact-sized and high power components like high-power LEDs, high-performance processors, MOSFETS, and so on. The size and power transfer capabilities of these components has been widely appreciated; however, the downside is the high heat generated by them. Although most PCBs are designed to withstand a certain amount of heat, some components may fail if exposed to high temperatures for a long time. This would lead to device failure. To avoid this, various thermal management techniques are employed. This post discusses these PCB heat transfer techniques and thermal modelling in brief.

What is Thermal Modelling and How It Helps in Effective Thermal Management?

Thermal engineers and electronic equipment designers always perform thermal modeling to address thermal issues that PCBs may develop during the operation. This is performed using various software applications. The software helps them understand the accurate positioning of components for efficient thermal management. During the thermal modeling, the product designer decides upon the maximum acceptable component temperature and examines how these temperatures change based on power dissipation. Based on the analysis, the designer can effectively address different aspects such as choosing effective cooling methods such as fans, incorporating heat sinks, thermal vias, additional copper traces, etc.

Seven Effective Techniques of PCB Heat Transfer Discussed

The PCB designers use several effective PCB heat transfer techniques for effective thermal management of components. The following are seven such techniques that have gained popularity.

The PCB heat transfer must be addressed carefully and most experienced manufacturers incorporate it during the design and assembly stages. Hence, when choosing the PCB assembly service, ensure to get it done from a manufacturer experienced in serving OEMs of commercial and industrial electronics. Twisted Traces is one of the PCB assembly services in the USA with vast experience of serving industrial and commercial electronics OEMs to their credit. The company takes pride in its list of clients from military and defense, consumer electronics, and LED PCBs. Having worked with them, the company understands the complex design requirements and conducts thermal modeling efficiently. You can get in touch with the experts at the company to discuss your requirements.

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