Through-Hole Assembly – Component Types and Applications Explained

Through-Hole Assembly
Through-Hole Assembly – Component Types and Applications Explained

Printed circuit boards have several components mounted on them, and this is done by drilling holes of specific dimensions for components, wires, and vias. Two commonly used techniques for this process are through-hole assembly and surface mounting. Through-hole assembly is a technique used in printed circuit board (PCB) design where electronic components are mounted by inserting their leads through drilled holes in the PCB and soldered to the opposite side of the board. While surface-mount technology (SMT) has become increasingly popular in recent years, through-hole assembly remains relevant in many applications. Are you intrigued to know more about through-hole assembly? Read the post below. This post focuses on the types of components used in through hole technology and some of the most popular applications of through-hole assembly in PCB design.

Types of Through-Hole Components

As discussed, in through-hole assembly, leaded components are inserted through drilled holes in a printed circuit board. There are two main types of through-hole components. They are as follows:

Important Applications of Through Hole Assembly

Through-hole assembly plays a great role in PCB applications, particularly in high-power, high-frequency, and industrial applications. If you are an OEM and looking to invest in PCB assemblies for your product, you may want to consider through-hole technology for component mounting. However, ensure you must partner with a trusted and reliable manufacturer who can understand your requirements and offer you the best solutions. Twisted Traces is one of the leading players in printed circuit board manufacturing and assembling. They have an experienced and skilled working team who can offer you the best solutions for your industrial applications. In addition, Twisted Traces offers high-quality PCB services you can rely on. Get in touch with the team at Twisted Traces today for further details.

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