Know Why Opting for Custom Circuit Boards May be Beneficial

Custom Circuit Boards
Know Why Opting for Custom Circuit Boards May be Beneficial

Printed circuit boards are an integral part of almost ell electronic and electromechanical devices. PCB designs, materials, sizes, and so on have evolved over the years to cater to the complex requirements and huge demand from various sectors. While there are standard PCBs used in some basic devices such as calculators; however, PCB applications are so diverse that manufacturers cannot keep a one-size-fits-all approach. Custom circuit board manufacturers cater to diverse client requirements and need to customize the boards to suit specifications. Custom PCBs offer many benefits, while they may be time consuming to manufacture. So, most OEMs who need a high volume of boards or assemblies opt for custom PCBs or assemblies, although it may also apply to small- to mid-sized volumes.

Why Custom PCBs Are Beneficial

Nowadays, while many OEMs may buy off-the-shelf PCBs for their parts and products that may not always serve as a great fitment in terms of the application requirement. So, manufacturers making highly specialized or complex products still prefer custom PCBs or assemblies, which help enhance the functioning of their product. Here is why custom PCBs are beneficial for certain applications.

  • When you work on a niche and complex application, custom PCBs are beneficial because when designing the boards, you can decide on the spaces amid a compact-sized board, and still have dense circuitry and all the components you require.
  • You can have your own in-built features such as LED lights incorporated into the PCBs.
  • With such complex design, it is better to automate the manufacturing process and run a full volume batch to avoid any discrepancies and keep all the boards consistent. This prevents last moment fixes and saves on time and cost.
  • Before beginning a full volume production run, a prototype made with the same design and method that clarifies all the details is a must.
  • With this process, a good, scalable PCB design will allow development of newer versions if required in the future. Scalability is important to ensure the technology does not become obsolete, else the PCBs would need to be replaced as revisions won’t be possible.
  • While prefabricated boards are available, and to some extent you can select the best one that matches your design, it may not serve the purpose, especially in mission-critical applications. Hence, the better option is to take your design to an experienced PCB manufacturer and let them custom make the board based on it.
  • When we say customized boards, the PCB design as such also is customizable. As a manufacturer or OEM who would use these boards in their products, they along with the PCB manufacturer form and own the design, process, and so on. This involves choosing the type of board, materials, creating your own design files, and sharing your exact requirements with the PCB manufacturer. You can even customize the components mounted on the board. All of this is not possible when you directly buy standard or prefabricated boards.
  • When you decide to opt for customized boards, you need to analyze your requirements, budget, and the time factor involved. While custom boards offer great benefits, they may be more expensive than standard ones and may involve tooling charges.

Custom PCBs involve plenty of thorough discussions with the client and can be finalized only upon approval. If you are an OEM who has manufactured a complex and miniature electronic appliance or an electromechanical product, you may want to consider partnering with a reliable and experienced custom circuit board manufacturer who would quickly understand your requirements. Twisted Traces is a custom circuit board manufacturer offering end-end services from ideation, design, fabrication to installation and aftersales. The company offers custom solutions to cater to your exact requirements, and uses the most advanced PCB manufacturing processes, materials, and fabrication techniques.

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