Know the Impact of COVID-19 on the PCB Industry

Know the Impact of COVID-19 on the PCB Industry

All industries across the globe have been deeply affected by the coronavirus disease. Having said that, some industries have grown tremendously, whereas others have completely perished. The electronics industry comprising the printed circuit boards is one such industry, which has experienced the good and bad of COVID-19. There are several new opportunities and challenges, as well. This post analyzes the opportunities and challenges imposed by COVID-19 on the PCB industry.

Understanding Opportunities and Challenges Imposed by COVID-19 on the PCB Industry

The following pointers will help you understand the impact of COVID-19 on the PCB industry.

  • Medical Electronics Industry Witnessed High Growth: The medical electronics industry is one of the most in-demand industries across the globe. With the number of COVID-19 causalities increasing, the demand for medical devices is increasing, too. There is a high requirement for equipment such as fog generators, ventilators, respiratory support systems, monitors, and so on. With most medical diagnosis and treatment equipment being partially or fully automated, the demand for medical PCBs is still growing. With casualties and cases increasing across the globe, the demand for medical PCBs will be high in the future, too. HDI PCBs, flexible PCBs, and rigid-flex PCBs are widely used in medical devices.
  • Demand for IoT Devices and HDI Technology Continues to Grow: The devices powered by Internet of Things (IoT) is in demand. With businesses trying to establish their digital footprint and people relying on IoT to drive their routine life functions, this demand will certainly grow in the future, too. High Density Interconnected (HDI) technology is another domain that continues to grow. With fast speed and wireless devices gaining priority, the demand will continue to grow. Although the manufacturing and production of IoT and HDI devices have been largely affected due to trade constraints between the US and China, industry experts are hopeful that their demand will certainly continue to be high.
  • Increased Focus on PCB Modules That Drive Stay-at-Home Economy: Many industry leaders confirm that the demand for DRAM and notebook lens modules will grow in the second half of the year. Although businesses across the globe are taking steps to normalize their operations, the work from home trend will continue for a long time. This is driving the demand for smart devices like notebooks across the globe.
  • Decline in Demand for Flexible PCBs: Apple’s supply chain in Southeast Asia and China is majorly driven by flexible PCB manufacturers. They have confirmed that their revenue in August 2020 has sharply declined as against August 2019, as many countries have suspended shipments from China.
  • Tight Supply Chains: The electronic companies that had supply chains passing through China are deeply impacted. Although the production in China is again back to normal, many countries still follow strict export laws to ramp up their safety. This has accelerated shortages for PCBs in various industries.
  • Demand for American Made PCBs to Grow: As the trade relations between the US and China have deteriorated following the outbreak of COVID-19, the demand for the US-made PCBs has increased. This assures a brilliant future for the US-based PCB manufacturers who have been trying hard to strike the balance between price and quality all these years.

Many PCB manufacturers have been serving clients during the COVID-19 crisis to meet their imminent requirements. Twisted Traces is one of the leading PCB manufacturers in the US that has been meeting the requirements of its clients across medical and other essential services industries as usual. The company has been operating all the while following OSHA and FDA guidelines with the prescribed work strength. However, that doesn’t mean any compromise on quality or changed deadlines. The team is now working as normal and is helping clients normalize their business by delivering them customized PCBs. For any specific requirements, you can always get in touch with the team at the company. They will work with you to understand your requirements.

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