Know About the Uses of LED PCBs

Know About the Uses of LED PCBs

Over the last few years, LEDs have become the most preferred form of lighting in domestic, commercial, as well as industrial spheres because of the obvious benefits they offer. This technology is here to stay unless another disruptive technology is developed. On the other side, PCBs have gained torque in all electronics and electromechanical applications as they have been an integral part of electronic devices for several years now. They are now integral to LEDs, too. Printed circuit boards(PCBs), especially standard PCBs, find a large application in LED lighting systems. Thus, the rising demand for LEDs is directly proportional to printed circuit board manufacturing. Custom PCB manufacturing is done specifically for indoor and outdoor LED lighting systems to suit their requirements. Also, manufacturing LED PCBs at a high speed and volume is just as crucial, without compromising on the quality aspect.

How are PCBs Used in the LED Lighting Sector?

LEDs recombine the charge carrier pairs in a semiconductor and balance the energy band gap. The use of standard PCBs in LEDs has several benefits which complement with those of an LED lighting system, such as weather resistance, low energy consumption, long operational life, compact design, low heat generation, and so on. These are the typical benefits of LEDs because of which they are in huge demand across sectors including domestic. The PCBs designed for LEDs need to have the same features such as compact size, heat resistance, low heat generation, and so on. They help automate the lighting device to some extent. For instance, they help change the level and color of luminosity in a light.

A Brief Discussion on the Uses of LEDs in PCBs

LEDs are also used in PCBs and electronic devices as indicator lights, keypad lights, and so on. They are widely used in touch-based and non-touch membrane switches, displays, and so on. They are embedded in PCBs, as they generate light without using much power and heat and hence do not heat up the electronic device. LEDs can be comfortably embedded into a membrane switch, but it depends upon the type of LED you choose. This mainly depends upon your application requirements such as the amount of light diffusion or luminosity you need. Here are a few pointers which may help:

  • Single point LEDs are suitable for maximum material surface textures.
  • Light diffusion will be more in case of matte surfaces.
  • Single point LEDs are extremely versatile and they actually look as if they are a part of the switch even if they aren’t.
  • LEDs can be either surface mounted or integrated in the PCB. They can be mounted to the most bottom level of the circuitry.

Benefits of Embedded LED PCBs

Here are some benefits of LED PCBs:

  • With the rising demand for small and compact electronics, the design and functionalities have become more complex. In this case, embedded LED membrane switches help make the assembly slightly simpler.
  • They are suitable in domestic applications, which require less luminous environments.
  • They are also used in industrial and commercial applications in consumer electronics, aviation, medical, and so on, as they are lightweight, cost effective, and energy efficient.
  • They are resistant to moisture, heat, and dust.
  • They can be easily integrated into complex PCB assemblies.
  • They can produce various colors and even bi-color if required.
  • There is a lot of freedom and scope when it comes to designing embedded LED PCBs.
  • They can be easily combined with touchscreens, keypads, and membrane switches.
  • They offer the efficient and cost-effective backlighting application.

Applications of LED Printed Circuit Boards

Here are some of the common LED PCBs:

  • Consumer electronics
  • Spot lights
  • Air landing and running lights
  • Flashlight and camping accessories
  • Solar power products
  • Street lights
  • Vehicle lights
  • Elevator lights
  • Headlights
  • Traffic and signal lighting

If you are a lighting system OEM and require good-quality PCBs for your application, ensure you source them from a reliable PCB manufacturer and assembler who offers end-to-end services. Twisted Traces is a well-known manufacturer and assembler of various types of PCBs, and offers custom LED PCBs to suit the demands of LED manufacturers. The company is one of the trusted names for LED PCBs in the US, and has a market presence of over 30 years.


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