How to Order PCB Prototype Online

How to Order PCB Prototype Online

Ordering a PCB prototype online brings you substantial cost savings and time savings.

Through several manufacturers’ easy-to-navigate website, you can place orders for the required PCB prototype online without taking any painstaking efforts. You have to follow some simple steps to get your PCBs assembled online.

  1. Get a quote
    Brief the manufacturer your requirements and he usually gets back to you within a short time period with a quote for the assembly. You will get a clear idea about the lead times and pricing at this stage.
  2. Place your order
    If you are satisfied with the quote provided, you can go ahead by providing the purchase order and payment information. Also, you can let the manufacturer know about your requirements in detail along with special instructions if any.
  3. Production and delivery
    Upon the receipt of necessary information and specifications, the manufacturer will start working on your PCB prototype order. All your requirements in terms of materials, components, etc. are added to the design and are kept track of throughout the entire manufacturing processes. The final assembly undergoes strict inspection and technical evaluation before being dispatched at the customer end.

Benefits of Procuring PCB Prototype Online

By ordering PCB prototypes online, you will get the benefits such as:

  • Low price; no tooling charge.
  • Immediate online prices; you don’t need to wait for a sales officer to call you back.
  • On time delivery of the ordered item in your door steps.
  • Easy access to your complete PCB records online.

Twister Traces Offer the Best Service in the PCB Market

If you would like to know more about ordering a PCB online, you can refer to this website – We, at Twisted Traces, always strive to deliver PCB prototypes as requested within the specified time. We listen to you carefully so the final assembly will be exactly the one as you anticipated.

Order PCB prototype online as it can save your time, money and effort!

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