A Systematic Guide to Order PCBs Online Jun 13,2017

A Systematic Guide to Order PCBs Online

Ordering printed circuit boards (PCBs) online involves a number of steps. Following all the required steps will help you buy PCBs online without any hassles. What are the steps of ordering PCBs online? This is how you should place an order for your PCB at Twisted Traces.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Ordering PCBs Online

Want to order your PCB online? Yes, it is possible, if you follow certain steps. Here are the steps to be followed while placing an order for PCBs online:

Step 1
Go to “Build a PCB”
On the home page, there is an option that says “Build a PCB”. Click here to go directly to the page.

Step 2
Select the Type of Your Choice
Now that you are on the “Build a PCB” page, you need to select from the three options provided:

  • Prototype PCB
    After landing on this page, you can select prototype PCB panels made from different materials. Prototype PCBs give you an idea about how the final PCB would look.
  • Co-op Panel
    Co-op panel prototyping service is ideal for those having small quantity PCB requirements. However, you are required to place an order in the multiples of three pieces. The prices of co-op panel prototypes vary based on the area of the board.
  • Custom Quote
    Do you have any specific PCB design requirements? Then this is the option for you. With the help of custom quote, you can directly send us your requirements, and we will build a PCB that matching your request.

Step 3
Keep Below Information Ready After deciding the type of board you need, you should keep all the below pre-requisites ready:

  1. Layer Counts
  2. Minimum Tracing and Spacing
  3. Soldermask and Color
  4. Board Thickness and Dimensions
  5. Surface Finish
  6. Minimum Hole Size
  7. Minimum Annular Ring
  8. Copper Thickness and Weight
  9. Drill file NC Excellon
  10. Silkscreen Legend and Color

These were three simple steps to order PCBs online at Twisted Traces. Once you place an order with us, you can rest assured that we will provide you with high-quality PCB that satisfies all your requirements.

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