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2 Layers PCB
2 Layers PCB Manufacturer

PCBs, which are the critical components in all the electronic systems, can be manufactured with a single layer and two to eight layers as per the requirements of the applications. Single-layer PCBs are mostly chosen for simple electronics devices while more complex devices typically use multi-layered boards. Amongst the multi-layered printed circuit boards, 2-layer PCBs or double-sided PCBs are the most commonly used types for applications ranging from intermediate to complex circuitry. The ability to offer high signal intensity and capability to accommodate interconnects on both sides make these double-sided boards ideal for various applications in the electronics industry. Being widely used types of PCBs, it is important for the PCB users to know about its construction/design, advantages, and applications. 

What are 2 Layer PCBs and how are they constructed?

Before approaching a 2 layers PCB manufacturer with your requirements, you must first know what exactly is the 2 layer PCB? As the name implies, it is a PCB stackup containing 1 top layer and 1 bottom layer. In other words, it is a simple construction that comes with a conductive copper layer on both sides of the board. Usually, a double-sided PCB is made as follow:

Compared to single-layer PCBs, 2 layer PCBs are a little trickier to make. Double-sided PCBs, like the single-sided PCBs, have one substrate layer, which is mainly made of fiberglass epoxy resin. Substrates used vary as per the application requirements. It is the type of substrate used what determines whether the board is a flexible PCB or a rigid PCB. Unlike single-layer PCBs, which have only one layer of conductive metal on one side of the substrate, two-layer PCBs have copper foil laminated on both sides of the substrate. To give protection to the copper foil, a solder mask is provided on both sides of the layer. On top of the solder mask is the silkscreen. Utilizing the best of through-hole or surface mount techniques, the required types of circuits and components are connected to the layers as per the requirements of the applications.

Advantages of 2 Layer PCBs

Double-sided boards, as mentioned earlier are the most commonly used types of printed circuit boards in several industrial applications. Over the years, 2 layers PCB manufacturers have seen an increased demand for such boards owing to their several beneficial features as follow:

Applications of 2 Layer PCBs

As technology becomes more advanced, 2 Layer PCBs are largely being used in moderate to complicated electronic devices. All the leading 2 layers PCB manufacturers in the market have been striving to produce boards in a wide range of specifications to meet all functional, reliability, and performance expectations of automotive, medical, defense, semiconductor industry among others. A few application examples of 2 layer PCB boards include:

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