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Twisted Traces has experience in fabricating prototype SMT stencils for various types of stencil printers. For details, contact us at (630) 345-5400.

Laser cut foil SMT stencils can be made for your prototype PCBs using your Gerber of CAD files. Frameless solder paste stencils are specifically designed for manual printing for times when precise control is necessary for smaller production runs. 10"x12"maximum.

Prototype SMT Stencil Services from Twisted Traces
Smaller production runs requiring precise control while hand printing can be completed efficiently with the use of our foil or plate-only SMT prototype stencils. An prototype SMT stencil is a laser cut stencil that is tailor-made for your prototype PCB based on your Gerber or CAD files. Frameless solder paste stencils enable easy manual printing tasks as you can precisely handprint in a matter of minutes. Our stencils have earned a reputation for their neat and precise print performance.
When not in use, prototype SMT stencils can be easily stored away. Stencils provided by Twisted Traces include a squeegee blade and board holders for added convenience during use.

Stencils Made Using the Latest SLIC™ Material
SLIC™ has been especially made for use in laser-cutting applications. It demonstrates the corrosion-resistance and mechanical properties of stainless steel, but has a higher material density. Since it is cut via a laser beam, the material yields an even aperture wall. Even with extremely minute apertures SLIC™ offers a very smooth release and provides superior performance at an economical cost. Twisted Traces can offer appropriate solutions to meet your SMT stencil requirements, and also help you upgrade from the conventionally-used electroform stencil. Here are some other attributes of SLIC™:

  • Repeatability of up to ±16 µm.
  • Suitable for use with surface area ratios of 0.55 and above.
  • Available in thicknesses of 0.004, 0.005, 0.006, 0.007, 0.008, 0.009 and 0.010" featuring positional accuracy of ±12.5 µm and an aperture dimensional tolerance of ±9 µm.


Advantages of Prototype SMT Stencils
Production using stencils makes better business sense for several reasons:

  • No more hand-soldering of prototype circuit boards. These stencils mitigate errors resulting from hand-soldering.
  • Less assembly time for your printed circuit, with noticeable quality improvment.
  • Quick alignment enables you to eliminate printer set-up.
  • Costs are lower than a production stencil.

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