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An Overview of Printed Circuit Board Assembly Services

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly services need to be performed attentively and meticulously. PCBs are used in various industrial as well as domestic applications; and working of an electronic device depends on how well the circuit board is assembled. The closely knit structure comprising different components like copper foils, metal boards, epoxy resins, and fiberglass performs deservedly only when the assembly is up to the mark.

Based on the design of the circuit board, the components involved, and the availability of material, you can choose one of the following services:

  • Electrical Assembly of PCBs
  • Mechanical Assembly of PCBs

Steps involved in the assembly of a printed circuit board:

In order to perform PCB assembly successfully, you need to follow certain essential steps:

1. Finalize the design of your circuit board and drill locations on essential positions of the metal board as per your design (wear a dust mask to avoid any toxic metal dust or small particles).

2. Arrange the components of the circuit board as per the design of your PCB perfectly.

3. Adjust the polarity of the components for respective positive and negative ends.

4. Solder the components on the board to firmly attach them to their respective positions. Make use of a tin or a lead solder and affix the components on the board.

5. Once the bulky components are soldered, pick the tiny components with tweezers and attach them to their corresponding positions on the circuit board with the help of adhesives/ epoxy resins.

6. Thoroughly check your assembled printed circuit board for loose ends or unattached components.

7. With the help of a multi-meter, inspect the circuit board for any connection issues.

8. In case of any defects, de-solder the malfunctioning components, repair them and solder them back for final assembly.

9. Once the PCB is fully assembled, install it in its permanent location.

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